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The only public transport that allows you to reach the Sapienza refuge is the bus of the AST company . It starts from Catania, in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII and reaches the Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza, in Nicolosi, on the slope of Etna Sud, from which excursions depart to reach the top of Etna using the cable car and jeeps.
The price is around 3 euros each way. Below are all the timetables taken from the company's website:
From Catania: The departure from Catania is scheduled every day at 8:15 am while the arrival on Etna is scheduled for 10:15 am. It is possible to take the bus directly to Nicolosi at 9:05 am.
From Etna: The departure from Etna towards Catania is scheduled for 4.30 pm each day with arrival in Nicolosi at 5.30 pm and in Catania at 6.30 pm.
For information contact AST S.p.A. Catania - Via Luigi Sturzo, 230/232 - Tel. 095 7461096
From Nicolosi: Once in Nicolosi, the tourist station of Nicolosi (South Etna) can be reached in about 20 minutes by road. Take the Via Etnea and continue along the Provincial Road 92 until you reach the Piazzale del Sapienza Refuge which is located at an altitude of 1,900 m.
From Catania: Follow the signs for Nicolosi, first crossing Gravina di Catania and then Mascalucia; Once in Nicolosi, take the Via Etnea (the main street of the town) and continue on the SP 92 to reach Piazzale Cantoniera at an altitude of 1,910 m. How-to-reach Etna
From Messina or Taormina: take the ME-CT A18 highway and exit at Acireale, follow the road to Lavinaio, Monterosso, Trecastagni, Pedara until you reach Nicolosi; from here continue to the SP 92 up to an altitude of 1900. Alternatively, take the whole ME-CT A18 motorway and once you have passed the toll booths, continue on the Catania ring road. Exit at the Gravina di Catania junction and continue towards Mascalucia e then Nicolosi. From here, go along the whole Via Etnea (the main street of the town) and continue on the SP 92 until you reach Piazzale Cantoniera at an altitude of 1,910 m.
From Palermo: Coming from the PA-CT A19 motorway, upon reaching the ring road with the Catania ring road, continue towards Messina, and exit at the "Gravina di Catania" junction. From here follow the signs for Nicolosi (or Etna) crossing first Gravina of Catania and then Mascalucia.

By Car:

Etna Nord: Highway A18 CT-ME exit for Fiumefreddo di Sicilia continue for Linguaglossa and follow the provincial Mareneve up to Piano Provenzana

The Volcanological Guides are those professionals who operate daily on our volcano, registered in the special lists of the Regional and Provincial Colleges of the Alpine Guides, authorized to conduct and accompany tourists in active volcanic areas.
Thanks to the hard and rich training path, both technical and cultural to which they have undergone, they acquire all the necessary skills in accompanying individuals or groups. Our main task is to transmit knowledge of high geological, volcanological, naturalistic interest, as well as behavior parameters, for an approach and a deep reading of the volcanic environment.
Our figure plays a role of fundamental importance: we do not limit ourselves to simple knowledge, but to the constant study of the territory and the phenomena associated with it, a primary requirement that allows limiting the risk linked to the environment in which we operate, ensuring high standards of competence, safety and reliability. For us, professionalism is important as well as the passion that each of us uses to ensure a unique experience for those who decide to rely on us. The volcano is an integral part of our life.

The excursions are suitable for everyone, you don't have to be an athlete or sportsman.
We offer various routes suitable for families with children, elderly people or even disabled people.
Obviously there is no shortage of more demanding excursions, suitable for those who play sports or usually move in the mountains at high altitude.

Dressing well is essential to prepare for the sudden changes in the weather in the mountains, it is important to wear layered clothing.
It is advisable to dress with a mallet and anorak or k-way, according to the season.
Since our activities take place on often irregular lava soil, consisting of unstable deposits of ashes and lapilli, it is necessary to wear hiking boots or shoes, mandatory to face the excursions in the summit area.
If necessary, we rely on specialized rentals for the rental of technical equipment or mountain clothing.