Excursion to the Etna caves - Grotta of the Ice and many others

Piano Provenzana - Linguaglossa (CT)

€ 45 to people

Excursion Etna caves

Come and discover with us the most beautiful caves of Etna.

The Tour of the Grotte dell'Etna excursion is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and spectacular excursion to visit the most beautiful caves of Etna. Especially for children, walking through them will undoubtedly leave an indelible memory.

The Excursion - Tour of the caves & nbsp; has as its starting point & nbsp; Piano Provenzana , side Etna North of Etna.

During the excursion you will be accompanied exclusively by: ALPINE GUIDES and VOLCANOLOGICAL GUIDES


This itinerary contains in a few kilometers the true essence of the Etna volcano. The aim of this excursion is to visit the “Raspberry Cave” and possibly the "Grotta del Gelo" . Reaching the Grotta del Gelo requires EXCELLENT TRAINING .

The meeting point is Piano Provenzana - Linguaglossa - Etna Nord. Take the path until you reach the 1811 button panel. Continuing we reach the Rifugio Timpa Rossa where we will take a break.

Continuing we will cross the suggestive " Passo dei Dammusi", an area that presents the particularity of the ave cordate that are formed by the immediate cooling of fluid lava. Afterwards we will cross the roped lava we will reach the Grotta del Gelo, one of the most beautiful caves of Etna. The cave is believed to be the southernmost perennial glacier in Europe.

The Grotta del Gelo is a lava flow tunnel, originating from the cooling of the 1614 lava flow.

After visiting the cave we continue in the direction of another lava flow cave, "Grotta dei Lamponi" also formed during the eruption from 1614 to 1624.

After visiting the cave we go back to pass the craters formed in the 2002 eruption

I always return to Piano Provenzana

Type of trekking

  • Ring - Departure / Arrival Piano Provenzana (Linguaglossa)
    • Begin Trekking
    • 2002 lava field crossing
    • Visit the ruins of the hotel le Betulle
    • Visit 1911 fracture and craters
    • 1923 fracture visit
    • 2002 fracture visit
    • Visit the Raspberry Cave
    • Visit Grotta del Gelo
    • Return to 2002 Fracture direction
    • Arrival at Piano Provenzana
  • Difference in height: + 400 meters,
  • Altitude difference downhill: - 400 meters
  • Total distance: 12 km
  • Degree of difficulty: Moderate

What's included

  • Certified volcanological or alpine guide
  • Accident insurance
  • Helmet

Mandatory equipment

  • Trekking shoes (possibility to rent)
  • Windbreaker or down jacket (rentable)
  • Water

Recommended equipment

  • Backpack
  • Snake- Packed lunch
  • Trekking poles
  • K-way (waterproof jacket)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen / cocoa butter

More info

  • Rental of trekking shoes on request (5 euros)
  • Rental of duvets (winter jackets) on request (5 euros)
  • Also suitable for children over 7 years of age.
  • More information? See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Read carefully
The excursion may undergo variations at the discretion of the Guides or be interrupted if the environmental, atmospheric or volcanic conditions change, such as to compromise the safety of the entire group.
The excursion will take place within the limits set by the ordinances in force.
This itinerary, in relation to the type and altitude, is not suitable for people who do not suffer from particular pathologies (cardiovascular, respiratory or hypertension).
4/5 hours
about 14:00
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