Summit craters South Etna

The hike on the summit craters is certainly the most fascinating that can be done on the ETNA. During the trek it will be possible to observe the vastness of the crater depressions, impregnated with sulphates, from which the great part of the explosive activity is expressed, arousing in the visitors a sensation of arcane power that other few places in the world are able to transmit.

Excursion to Summit Etna South - Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza


The excursion on the summit craters of Etna at 3323 m. is undoubtedly the most fascinating excursion, the most spectacular that only the Etna Volcano will leave you in your mind for a lifetime. The excursion to the summit Craters can take place either from South Etna - Rifugio Sapienza or from the fascinating north side of Piano Provenzana, (Linguaglossa). Both with the help of the cable car or Jeep will allow us to reach an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. From this last point the trek to the Summit Craters will start, which in about 2 hours will take us to 3323 meters .. The summit of the Etna Volcano! !!                 




The climb will take place first by cable car, which from an altitude of 1900 meters will lead to an altitude of 2500 meters. Later with special 4 × 4 buses we will reach 2900m in the area of ​​the Ex Torre del Filosofo. The trek will begin at this altitude. After about an hour and 45 minutes the ascent path will lead us to the edge of the "Bocca Nuova", Apertasi in 1968, noteworthy because, it is probably the largest, most impressive crater. Inside there are 2 important Craters. Named: Bocca Nuova del'64 or della Spagnola, and Bocca Nuova of 1968.                 


Continuing in a clockwise direction we will take us to the edge of the crater "La Voragine" (also called Central Crater). From this last point going up a steep but brief slope (in consideration of the weather conditions and the volcanic activity) it will be possible to make a brief "view" inside the North East Crater, formed in 1911, a veritable summit of Etna . From the top of Etna the view will be spectacular !! We could range at 360 ° with the look, and if the day permits we could see very clearly the Aeolian islands, the coast of Calabria, the Stromboli. From the top we will begin the descent along a steep but easy sand that in about 10 minutes will lead us to an altitude of about 3000, reached the intersection with the ascent path, a short picnic break will be made.                 




The descent will continue in the direction of the Barbagallo Craters - (eruption of 2002), with sufficient time available and excellent weather conditions, you can head east, along the long edge of the Valle del Bove - Belvedere. Approximately at 15.30 we will reach the cable car arrival station, where in a few minutes it will lead us to the Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza.                 


  • MEETING POINT: with the Alpine or Volcanological Guide at the Rifugio Sapienza - Etna Sud
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Summit Craters - (3329 m.)
  • DEPARTURE TIME: Meeting at 9:00 am, departure at 10:00 am.
  • RETURN NOW: Approximately 3:30 pm
  • EQUIPMENT: It is recommended to use a gore-tex windproof jacket, a pair of glasses, high mountain boots.
  • LEVEL: UPHILL 400m D +
  • IMPORTANT: The excursion is strictly forbidden to heart patients, asthmatics and hypertensives.
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