Etna a "Muntagna"

Everything that nature has great, all that has a pleasant, all that has terrible, can be compared to Etna, and Etna can not be compared to anything. (Dominique Vivand Denon, "Voyage en Sicilie", 1788)


"a Muntagna"
There was once a giant who had a huge furnace like his mouth, and when he was angry, fire came out. The giant wanted to become the most powerful in the world. He took the tallest mountains, put them on the other and climbed the sky. But Jupiter threw him down from those mountains, and the boulders buried him. From below there he screamed, and they became lava and the Etna erupted. Legends, cyclists, giants and queen quilts ending in the crater that surround the volcano are so many. Like so many ways to call it. For those who live near her, she is simply "at Muntagna," the female. A whimsical female who often awakens his underground fires, but a lady more beautiful than dangerous: periodic eruptions descend slowly, sow ash, not dead.

Excursions on Etna

etna eruzione crateri sommitali bocca nuova

Etna Excursion Top of Craters (3329 meters)

3329 metri
etna eruzione crateri sommitali bocca nuova

Etna Sunset

3329 metri



Etna - "Trekking and Cave"

Grotta dei Lamponi - Grotta del Gelo e tante altre..

Etna - Piano Provenzana

Craters of "Bottoniera del 2002"

Etna In MTB - "Altomontana" - Top of Crater

Etna North - "Eruption 2002 -Bottoniera"

Webcam Etna LIVE

etna webcam live streaming