Guide Etna – We are a professional association of Alpine Guides and Volcanological Guides enabled to accompany on active volcanoes. All the our Guide are certainly registered in the special lists of the Regional and National Colleges of Alpine Guides. We organize excursions to the summit craters of the Etna, and Stromboli volcanoes. We offer educational hiking trails for schools. As well as activities for the dissemination, and discovery of volcanoes, both from a scientific and recreational point of view.

The Our Guide Etna talk English, Germany and Francais

Choosing us as a reference point for your excursions. Does not just mean choosing safety and professionalism, but above all, the passion for volcanoes and for our profession. Of course for us it is indeed a privilege to be able to accompany our guests, to the most hidden places of our incredible volcanoes. First of all, one of our main goals is to transform our excursions into indelible experiences, that will accompany you throughout your life.


The Volcanological Guide and the Alpine Guide, are above all the only two professional figures authorized to accompany individual people or groups on the volcanoes. When using the word “on the volcanoes” we do not mean the top, but also the lower altitudes. I really care about doing this because unfortunately, today the web is saturated with many proposals. Of every kind and many organizations are run by people, who have no qualification for accompaniment.

Guide Etna – Our expert guides Alpine Guide and Volcanogical  will lead you visiting Etna volcano with trekking routes of different levels. The our Guide talk english, germany, francais.

You will can contact us for all information you need… We can propose other paths for the family with young children and much other…

Will be a amazing experience on Volcan Etna