Crossing Etna from South to North


L’escursione sui crateri sommitali è sicuramente la più affascinante che si può fare sull’ETNA.
Durante il trekking sarà possibile osservare la vastità delle depressioni crateriche, impregnate di solfati, da dove si esplica la gran parte dell’attività esplosiva, suscitando nei visitatori una sensazione di arcana potenza che altri pochi posti al mondo riescono a trasmettere.


After using the cable car up to an altitude of 2500 meters and the 4 × 4 jeeps up to 2900 meters, the trek starts along the path that leads from Torre del Filosofo to the summit craters of Etna, through the lava fields emitted by the recent activities of the Crater of South East.
After traveling a little over 2 km, you will reach the summit craters, where you can begin to admire the majesty of the central crater of the volcano.

The route will continue along the crater wall before starting the descent on soft slag and volcanic ash passing from Piano delle Concazze 2750 mt. at the base of the Volcanological Observatory and then continue into one of the sandy gullies that make up the north-eastern slope of the volcano, surrounded by endemic plants and seasonal streams before reaching the descent track and the beech forest just above Piano Provenzana, point of arrival of our excursion.

Transfer service to return to Sapienza after the excursion is the responsibility of the participants.

Partenza / Ritorno
Rifugio Sapienza
Orario partenza
Kindly arrive 30 minutes before departure.
  • Initial briefing and purchase of the gondola and 4×4 jeep tickets (one way).
    Arrival at an altitude of 2500 meters.
    Departure by 4×4 jeep in the direction of Torre del Filosofo at 2900 mt.
    Start of the 2 km trek until you reach the Summit Craters – altitude 3250 m
    Descent on the North side in the direction of the Volcanological Observatory.
    Descent on land consisting of sand and volcanic slag.
    Arrival in Piano delle Concazze 2750 mt.
    Continuation of descent into the gullies of sand and volcanic ash.
    Arrival in Piano Provenzana 1800 mt.
Prezzo include
  • Guida Vulcanologica o Alpina
  • Casco
Prezzo esclude
  • K-way
  • Scarpe da Trekking
Attrezzatura obbligatoria
  • Packed lunch
    Layered clothing
    Trekking shoes
    Windbreaker or down jacket


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