Excursions Etna Nord – Piano Provenzana

Excursion Etna Vulcano

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Excursions Etna Nord – Piano Provenzana

Excursions Etna Sud – Rifugio Sapienza

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Escursioni classiche:

– Excursioni Etna North

con partenza da Piano Provenzana

Summit Craters (3323 m.)

with Mountain Guide and Volcanologica Guide

Excursions Etna – on the ETNA Nord Side – PIANO PROVENZANA the ascent can be made in two types:
CLASSIC EXCURSION: Ascent and descent with 4×4 vehicles Departure from Piano Provenzana (Northern Etna, altitude 1800 m).
Ascent by 4×4 vehicles up to an altitude of 2900 m. From here continue on foot. Visit of the summit craters.
Then return to the place where the 4×4 bus left the group and return with the 4×4 to Piano Provenzana.
The feasibility of the excursion depends on the present volcanic activity and the weather conditions.


The excursion starts from Piano Provenzana, aboard 4×4 minibuses, you will ascend along the fracture created by the 2002 eruption a few meters ahead. In about 25 minutes you will reach Piano delle Concazze, in a lunar scenario, you will continue up to About 2900.
Subsequently on foot in less than half an hour you will reach the Summit Craters, first you will visit the Central Craters and Bocca Nuova. Then we will take you to the North-East Crater (the highest), and from the latter will begin the descent on foot, in the direction of the Piano delle Concazze Observatory.
After a short break, a fun descent will begin inside the “quarantore” gully, which will take us directly to Piano Provenzana.

– Excursion Etna – South side – “Rifugio Sapienza”

From the south side of Etna, the meeting point is at the square (in front of the cable car ticket office) at 9.00 am, then by cable car up to 2500 meters. Then on board special 4×4 vehicles you will reach the altitude of 2900 meters. From here the Trekking will start, walking on the last lava flows (April 2017). In about 1.30 it will take us to the summit of the Summit Craters, where you can visit the following craters:
“New Mouth”
“The Voragine”
North-East crater at an altitude of 3329 meters Without a doubt you will be fascinated to hear the breath of the Etna Volcano, and to admire the vastness of the summit craters. The “Bocca Nuova”, is certainly the most impressive. Inside it you can well distinguish the BN1 (West) and the BN2 (east), we will visit the Crater “the Voragine”, and a brief “facing” on the North Crater. Once the excursion on the Summit Craters is over, the descent will begin along amusing volcanic sands that will take us back to the base of the Craters. Pic-Nic break.

The Descent

The trek will continue in a southerly direction, to visit the Barbagallo Craters (Eruption of 2002). Then in an easterly direction. We will skirt the “edge” of the Valle del Bove (Belvedere) theater of the last eruption of 26 December 2018. Then we reach the station of arrival of the Etna cable car at 2500 meters. Then later in a short time will take us back to the square of Rifugio Sapienza. We will continue the descent until we reach the Craters “Barbagallo” – Eruption of 2002″. Then we will take us to the edge of the Valle del Bove -” Belvedere “to admire the majestic Valle del Bove. In a few minutes we will reach the Etna Cableway to return in the Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza.
Duration 6-7 hours about .. Need the reservation.