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excursion etna summit craters

Excursions Summit craters (3323 m.) From north Etna

The Excursion to the Summit Craters of Etna, is undoubtedly the most fascinating excursion, the most spectacular that will take you to the top of the Etna Volcano, until you hear its breath. Discover the excursion to the summit craters starting from Etna Nord - Piano Provenzana

cratere centrale sommitale etna

Excursions Summit craters (3323 m.) From South Etna

The excursion on the Etna Volcano up to the Central Crater of Etna can be carried out starting from the South side - Rifugio Sapienza. First by cable car and then by 4x4 Jeep up to the altitude of 2900 m, and then trekking up to the Summit Craters. Tour of the Craters and descent on trekking up to 2500 m.

bottoniera 2002 - piano provenzana

"Bottoniera del 2002" excursion - Piano Provenzana

Equally beautiful and fascinating is the excursion to the "Bottoniera del 2002" formed by the 2002 eruption which has in fact destroyed the accommodation and tourism facilities of Piano Provenzana (Northern Etna - Linguaglossa). The eruption of 27 October 2002 was one of the most destructive and important eruptions of the decades.


Excursion to caves and trails on Etna

Among the most fascinating attractions of the Etna volcano we find the numerous lava flow caves (over two hundred), of which some, among those that have a horizontal extension, can be visited. Among the most fascinating the "Grotta del Gelo" - the Grotto of Serracozzo - The cave of the Raspberries - The cave of the Ladroni.
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excursins summit craters

Crossing of Etna from South to North

The "crossing of Etna" is the most majestic excursion that you can do on Etna. The view will be breathtaking! Departure from Etna Sud, Funivia - 4x4 Jeep. From 2900 m. trekking up to the Summit Craters. Tour of the Craters, downhill you will pass by the Observatory of Pizzi Deneri - Canalone of "quarantore" and arrival at Piano Provenzana

eruzione con escursione sci alpinismo

Etna - Ski Mountaineering

Skiing on the highest active volcano (3323 m) and largest (20 km radius) of Europe with a view to the sea is an experience that will remain in your memories! It will not be the usual ski touring trip !! Etna offers a number of itineraries ranging from easy alpine skiing to steep gullies of great satisfaction.
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Starting from the South and North Etna

Why choose us?

Our Team consists of Alpine and Volcanological Guides registered with the National College of Italian Alpine Guides

We are a professional association of Alpine Guides and Volcanological Guides enabled to accompany active volcanoes. Registered in the special lists of the Regional and National Colleges of Alpine Guides. We organize excursions to the summit craters of the Etna and Stromboli volcanoes, and we offer educational-excursion tours for schools, as well as activities for the dissemination and discovery of volcanoes, both from a scientific and playful point of view.

Guida Vulcanologica
The Guide team

Choosing us as a reference point for your excursions does not only mean choosing safety and professionalism, but above all passion for volcanoes and for our profession. For us it is indeed a privilege to be able to accompany our guests to the most hidden places of our incredible volcanoes. It is one of our main objectives is to transform our excursions into indelible experiences that will accompany you throughout your life.

Guide Alpine
Why choose us?

The Volcanological Guide, and the Alpine Guide are the only two professional figures authorized to accompany individual people or groups on volcanoes. When using the word “on the volcanoes” we do not mean the top, but also the lower altitudes. We would like to highlight this “exclusivity”, since, unfortunately, today the “web” is saturated with proposals of all kinds.


The memory of our guests ...

In the company of Daniele and Luca we spent a beautiful day at the top of the Summit Craters. Our daughters aged 10 and 12 respectively had a great time.

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