Excursions Path and Cavas



Escursions to the Caves of Etna

Caves of this type can be found in Europe only on Etna and in Iceland. This particular type of cave is formed by the lava overgrowth during the castings. This process consists in the cooling and solidification of the external part of the casting, as it is in contact with the atmosphere, while the lava flow inside the casting continues to flow, maintaining its heat, as in a tunnel, until it is fed . Once the flow begins to die out the pipeline begins to empty, giving way to a lava flow cave. The length of the caves is extremely variable (from a few tens of meters up to over one km). Inside the caves it is possible to observe phenomena such as the “dog teeth”, or the lava rolls that form along the walls, formed due to the high temperatures of the lava.
The first cave that will be reached is the “Grotta dei Lamponi”.
After the visit of the cave we continue and during the journey spectacular volcanic morphologies of slabs and ropes, typically called pahoehoe from the Hawaiian and fascinating globular forms will be visible so as to be called “Monti dei Morti”. After about an hour of walking you will reach the “Grotta del Gelo”

Partenza / Ritorno
Piano Provenzana
Orario partenza
Gentilmente arrivare 30 minuti prima della partenza.
  • Briefing iniziale.
  • Inizio del trekking.
  • Pausa presso il rifugio Timpa Rossa.
  • Visita Grotta dei Lamponi (1720 mt)
  • Proseguimento del trekking.
  • Visita grotta del Gelo.
  • Rientro al punto di partenza.
  • Arrivo a Piano Provenzana 1800 mt.
Prezzo include
  • Guida Vulcanologica o Alpina
  • Casco
Prezzo esclude
  • K-way
  • Scarpe da Trekking
Attrezzatura obbligatoria
  • Pranzo al sacco
  • Abbigliamento a strati
  • Scarpe da trekking
  • Giacca a vento o piumino
  • Casco



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