Excursion on Etna MTB

Discovery Etna on MTB!!
Etna, a volcano-mountain that gives emotions, sometimes even to love, but that we, even in a strange way, continue to love and fear just because they are aware of being only guests. My is nothing but an idea or perhaps my way of interpreting Etna in the simplest way I know. I am neither a vulcanologist nor a botanist, but I have always lived on Etna where, thanks to the stories of elders, shepherds and peasants, I fell in love with this beautiful land, sterile in appearance but in fact full of fertility. My desire is to be able to convey emotions through stories or just visiting a place laden with energy so that I can give my guests a pleasing memory of the eternal journey. For many more info http://www.etnaguidemtb.it/
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    Piano Provenzana - Etna nord

    6 ore

    Piano Provenzana - Etna nord

    Crateri Sommitali - Etna (3329 m.) o tanti altri itinereari...