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Craters of the 2002 | Piano Provenzana - North Etna

The excursion to the "bottoniera of the 2002" is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and disturbing eruptions on the Northern Slope of Etna. Both from a landscape and educational point of view, it will leave an indelible memory of this excursion on the Etna Volcano.

Excursion Craters of the 2002- Piano Provenzana - North Etna

Buttonholes of 2002, eruptions fractures of Etna of 1911 and 1923.


The night between 26 and 27 October begins a strong seismic crisis on the north and south sides. On the northern side of Piano Provenzana, in a few hours starting from the altitude of 2650, a particular eruptive activity began to form, called a bottoniera. Out of the eruptive fracture came the lava that in fact, in a few hours destroyed two buildings used for catering and hotel activities.

The 2002 eruption was among the most impressive and devastating in recent years.

The start of the trek is along the dirt road that from Piano Provenzana leads to the summit craters of the volcano, after the first kilometer you cross the eruptive fracture of the eruption of 27 October 2002 on the path of “Monte Nero - Timpa Rossa ", The path allows you to discover and study the many volcanic morphologies, related to the eruptions that followed one another on the northern slope of Etna. A few tens of meters away you can also visit the eruptions of the side of September 10, 1911 and June 17, 1923 which threatened the town of Linguaglossa.

Refuge of Red Timpa

You can also reach the marvelous and suggestive Refuge of Timpa Rossa, immersed in a fantastic birch forest. Picnic break and for the more trained you can reach the Grotta dei Lamponi.


After visiting the particular morpho-volcanic structures called Hornitos from the Spanish "Small oven", you will climb along the pyroclastic cones of the 2002 eruption until you reach the maximum altitude of 2100 meters on the brink of the craters, to then descend inside a sandy canal to the starting point in Piano Provenzana


  • MEETING POINT: with the Alpine or Volcanological Guide at the Rifugio Sapienza - Etna Sud
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Piano Provenzana
  • DEPARTURE TIME: Meeting at 10:00 am, departure at 10:30 am.
  • RETURN NOW: Approximately 1:00 pm
  • EQUIPMENT: It is recommended to use a gore-tex windproof jacket, a pair of glasses, high mountain boots.
  • LEVEL: UPHILL 200m D +
  • IMPORTANT: The excursion is strictly forbidden to heart patients, asthmatics and hypertensives.