Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes in the world !! A real show of nature. Feel its boating while climbing, and then stay open with its lava fountains, and undoubtedly one of the most exciting shows in the world. The excursion can be day and afternoon • From San Vincenzo • From Ginostra (only for hikers trained) • From "Labronzo" tip to group or individual excursions. The departure time of the excursions varies according to the season. Walking time (Sentiero S. Vincenzo) • uphill (2 hours 30, stops every 30-40 minutes) • before sunset you get to the top to admire the explosions from the craters. • you will pass in the summit areas about an hour, except for unexpected, urgent communications and adverse weather conditions. • you return to the base after about an hour and a half of descent. Notes: In the event of physical or respiratory difficulties within 400 m, you can leave the group and go back alone, from the same climbing path. (No ticket reimbursement is required) Basic equipment (can be hired) • Hiking shoes • One flashlight per person with spare batteries • Replacement cotton t-shirts • Pullovers • Wind jacket • Handkerchief Dusty • water at least one liter and half a head • picnic choice (fruit sandwiches cookies etc.) Groups of groups are composed of up to 20 people of different age (children, teenagers, adults, elderly) and nationality different. (Our guides speak Italian, English and French) do not recommend hiking to those who suffer from: • heart or physical disorder in general • asthma • dizziness • diabetes is recommended if you can not use contact lenses because of excessive dust

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La salita potrà essere effettuata anche dal versante di Ginostra, La salita si presenta, molto piu' selvaggia ma una bellezza incomparabile.

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