Cave and Trekking

La Grotta dei Lamponi, La Grotta dei Tre livelli, la Grotta Cassone, la Grotta della Neve e la Grotta del Gelo
Among the most fascinating attractions of the Etna volcano we find the numerous lava flow caves (over two hundred), of which some, including those with an horizontal extension, can be visited (accompanied by a guide and with appropriate equipment such as bats and light bulbs ).
Caves of this type can only be found in Europe on Etna and Iceland.
This particular type of cave is formed by swapping the lava during the castings. This process consists in the cooling and solidification of the outside of the cast, as it is in contact with the atmosphere, while the lava flow inside the casting continues to flow, maintaining its heat as in a tunnel, until it is fed . Once the casting begins to extinguish the pipeline begins to empty, leaving the place to a lava flow cave.
The length of the caves is extremely variable (from tens of meters to over a mile).
Inside the caves you can observe phenomena such as "dog teeth", or lava rolls that form along the walls, formed due to high lava temperatures.

Below are some of the most fascinating and easily accessible caves in Etna:

The Raspberry Grotto,
The Three Level Cave,
The Cave Cave,
The Snow Cave and the Grotto of the Frost, which contains a small perennial glacier.
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